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The reliability of the Standard for Clinicians` Interview in Psychiatry (SCIP): A clinician-administered tool with categorical, dimensional and numeric output

      Author: Ahmed Aboraya , Ahmed El-Missiry, Johnna Barlowe, Collin John, Alireza Ebrahimian,Srinivas Muvvala, Ja`me Brandish, Hader Mansour,Wanhong Zheng, Paramjit Chumber, James Berry, Daniel Elswick, Cheryl Hill, Lauren Swager,Warda Abo elez, Hala Ashour, Amal Haikal, Ahmed Eissa, Menan Rabie, Marwa El-Missiry, Mona El Sheikh, Dina Hassan, Sherif Ragab, Mohamed Sabry, Heba Hendawy, Rola Abdel Rahman, Doaa Radwan, Mohamed Sherif, Marwa Abou El Asaad, Sherien Khalil, Reem Hashim, Katherine Border, Roberto Menguito, Cheryl France, Wei Hu, Olivia Shuttleworth, Elizabeth Price