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Screening for depression in a sample of Egyptian secondary school female students

Role of traditional healers in the pathway to care of patients with bipolar disorder in Egypt

Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of victimized versus non victimized patients with Schizophrenia: an Egyptian study

Correlates of psychiatric co-morbidity in a sample of Egyptian patients with bipolar disorder

Anxiety, depression, and quality of life in patients with knee osteoarthritis before and after knee joint replacement

Distress among parents of attention-deficit/hyperactivity-disorder children: relationship with children’s symptom severity and behavioral disturbances

Early-onset versus late-onset obsessive–compulsive disorder: an immunological comparative study

An observational study of the characteristics of different substance-use disorder subtypes combined with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Longitudinal effect of depression on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes: a 3-year prospective study

Assessment of personality traits in a sample of opioid-dependent patients in comparison with nondependent men

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The reliability of the Standard for Clinicians` Interview in Psychiatry (SCIP): A clinician-administered tool with categorical, dimensional and numeric output

      Author: Ahmed Aboraya , Ahmed El-Missiry, Johnna Barlowe, Collin John, Alireza Ebrahimian,Srinivas Muvvala, Ja`me Brandish, Hader Mansour,Wanhong Zheng, Paramjit Chumber, James Berry, Daniel Elswick, Cheryl Hill, Lauren Swager,Warda Abo elez, Hala Ashour, Amal Haikal, Ahmed Eissa, Menan Rabie, Marwa El-Missiry, Mona El Sheikh, Dina Hassan, Sherif Ragab, Mohamed Sabry, Heba Hendawy, Rola Abdel Rahman, Doaa Radwan, Mohamed Sherif, Marwa Abou El Asaad, Sherien Khalil, Reem Hashim, Katherine Border, Roberto Menguito, Cheryl France, Wei Hu, Olivia Shuttleworth, Elizabeth Price