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Title: Types of depression and pattern of comorbidity among a sample of Egyptian Secondary school female students
Author: Abdel Meguid M., MD, El Missiry M., MD, El Serafi D., MD, and Sabry W, MD
Background:Depression is one of the most prevalent disorders among female adolescents. It is associated with high rates of comorbidity and results in detrimental effects on social and academic functioning. Objective: The present study aimed to elucidate the types of depression and pattern of comorbidity in a representative sample of Egyptian secondary school female students. Methods: 602 female students, recruited from public and private schools in Eastern Cairo, were interviewed by a team of researchers using the Structural Clinical Interview for Diagnosis of DSM IV axis I diagnosis (SCID-I). Results: 5.2% fulfilled the diagnosis of major depression, 5% had minor depression in the form of adjustment disorder with depressed mood and only 3.1% had dysthymia. Students enrolled in third grade were more likely to have adjustment disorder, second grade students showed the highest rate of major depression, while first grade students had similar rates of major depression and adjustment disorder. Approximately two thirds of the students having depression had a co-morbid mental disorder. The most frequent comorbid diagnosis was generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in 32.5% of depressed students followed by social anxiety disorder (20%) and substance abuse (9%). The pattern of comorbidity in relation to the school grades revealed significant statistical differences. Conclusion: Different types of depression were prevalent in a sample of Egyptian female students; depression in this age group was significantly associated with comorbid psychiatric disorders. The present study provides important information for clinicians, school authorities and policy makers interested in targeting services to such high risk group expected to be future citizens and mothers
Distributor: The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (2011) Vol. 22 No. 1 Page (27- 35)
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