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Title: Assessment of risk for cardiovascular disease in a sample of schizophrenic patients
Author: Shereen M. Abdel Mawella, Hoda A. Hussein, Talal A. Mohamed, Reda Roshdy and Mamdouh M. ElGamal
Background Interest in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in schizophrenic patients has grown recently because of documented increased mortality. Causes of this mortality are most probably somatic diseases, particularly CVD. We aim to assess the risk for developing CVD in schizophrenic patients using C-reactive protein (CRP) and lipid profile by applying the Framingham Risk Score and correlate this risk with the severity of symptoms of schizophrenia. Patients and methods This is a cross-sectional study consisting of 62 schizophrenic patients who were recruited from the Kuwait Center for Mental Health inpatient departments. The structured Clinical Interview for DSM4 Axis of Disorders (SCID-I) and positive and negative syndrome scalewere administered on all patients. Laboratory investigations for serum level of CRP, total cholesterol level, and high-density lipoprotein level were carried out. Cardiac risk was assessed on the basis of Framingham Risk Score. Results Twenty-one percent of patients had a risk for developing CVD as per the Framingham Risk Score. All patients had intermediate to high risk of developing CVD on the basis of baseline CRP. There was sex-related difference in cardiovascular risk as women had no risk, whereas 25% of men had a risk for developing CVD. There was no significant correlation between risk for CVD and severity of symptoms of schizophrenia. Conclusion Our study points to the measurement of CRP and screening of lipid levels as an improved method for identifying schizophrenic patients at risk for cardiovascular events. Keywords: C-reactive protein, cardiac risk, schizophrenic patients
Distributor: Egypt J Psychiatr 38:131–137