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Title: A study of dental diseases in psychiatric patients: is there a relationship?
Author: Ayman A. Elhadad
Background Oral health is an integral part of general health. There is evidence that patients suffering from mental illness are more vulnerable to dental neglect and poor oral health. Patients and methods All patients attended the dental clinic in the Abha Psychiatric Hospital from the inpatient departments or the out patient department (OPD) clinics for adult psychiatry, and child and adolescence psychiatry clinics are registered through the computer system and the data were collected for the Hijri year of 1437. Results Male patients were more in number compared with female patients (444 vs. 110). In addition, the age group between 25 and 45 years was more affected by dental problems than other groups. Also, the chronic psychiatric patients with a long stay at the psychiatric hospital were more affected than the newly admitted ones. Conclusion Better coordination between medical, dental, and psychiatric unit administration is required to serve the needs of this group of patients. Keywords: A study, dental diseases, psychiatric disorders, relationship
Distributor: Egypt J Psychiatr 38:143–146